Product Care

We Choose the Best For You

At Luxuric, we choose the best leather for our customers from top quality leather production countries around the globe including Brazil, Italy, Argentina, India, China and Pakistan. We work with Full-grain and Top-grain, the strongest and durable leather of all. Our leather is sourced only from organic grass-fed cows that are among the best domesticated cattle. Their skins are high quality, well-maintained, strong, and durable and can withstand tough use. Our premium leather’s durability makes it perfect for the application on many items related to personal styling including wallets, handbags, cardholders, keychains, and more. You could use it for personal use or gift the luxury leather adornments to your loved ones.

Our Promise: Committed Excellence

Our leather products are meticulously hand-crafted to excellence using the premium quality genuine leathers and extreme paradigms of craftsmanship. Our master craftsmen work with intricacy and dedication on all products. Our designers challenge the boundaries of form and function to inspire people globally to showcase personalized leather luxuries. We closely work with our suppliers to ensure premium quality natural hide with minimum alterations to deliver promised brilliance and distinctive quality. Each product that we ship speaks for itself and expresses our dedication to uphold the tradition of innovation and creativity. 

Quality Guidance for Quality Care

Just like any other accessory in your collection, leather also demands care. You must take out time to care for your leather accessories to uphold their value and keep the look of your most treasured adornments. A daily care routine is the easiest way to prevent damage and maintain high quality finish of the product. You can avoid an early wear and tear of leather products through simple care steps and extend the lifespan of your quality leather goods.

  • Leather is skin and it stretches, avoid overfilling your handbags, wallets and purses to retain its original silhouette.
  • Do not stretch or fold your leather products unnecessarily or unnaturally, they will become loose and deformed.
  • Leather is susceptible to scratches, avoid contact with sharp objects, rough surfaces, heavily embellished clothes and jewelry.
  • Wipe dust and spots away from your leather products using damp cloth weekly. Do not use drenched and dripping cloth; the cloth should be slightly moist (damp cloth).
  • Leather takes time to dry; do not use artificial methods of drying e.g. ironing or hair dryer etc. Allow leather to dry out naturally.
  • Avoid sun exposure as much as possible as it could cause fading and an early wear and tear of the product. Do not put the wet leather products in sun to dry.
  • Leather requires proper air circulation as it is organic. Do not use plastic bags for storing leather products as they prevent good ventilation. Avoid hot and humid space to store leather products.
  • Use dust bag to avoid scratches and dust when leather products are not in use.
  • Leather products are prone to absorb oil and grease. Handle the leather products with clean hands.
  • Do not use soap or other cleaning agents; its chemicals can ruin the leather over time. Special leather cleaning foams and sprays are available in stores and marts, these can be used on leather products and then could be wiped off using a damp cloth.