Gift Packaging

Unbox With Pleasure – A Box of Happiness

Choosing a best gift and then choosing the gift packaging and wrapping is just too much to handle. Luxuric takes off that stress from your shoulders with its top-notch exclusive gift boxes that deliver the same level of luxe as its luxurious products.

Gift wrapping and gift packaging is found among the old traditions and cultures of different countries. It dates back to ancient China (2nd Year BC) where the paper was invented. Japanese used cloth piece to wrap their gifts. In the west, gift wrapping was in fashion during Victorian Era, the use of thick decorative papers with ribbons and laces were common among the upper classes. Later on, in the west, the holiday season was considered to be the best time of year for gifting. Tissue Paper was the norm of the early 20th century for wrapping the gifts since after the Victorian era. This carved the pathway for the invention of fancy French styled decorative printed gift wrapping paper we all love and admire today.

During the contemporary times, there is not a single style in use however the need of unique gift ideas gave birth to the need of unique gift packaging as well. Gift wrapping and packaging belongs to the old style and fashion. Now, the trend-setter is exclusive gift boxes.

This intrigued Luxuric’s masterminds to avoid run-of-the-mill gift packaging and introduce exclusively lush gift boxes to match the style of its lavish products. Luxuric’s Gift Boxes are created to celebrate every occasion and they are ideal for everyone. We, therefore, offer you with free exclusive gift boxes whether you want to treat yourself or gift to someone close at heart.