Our Story

Luxury: The Spirit, the Inspiration – One Goal, One Passion

Luxuric is the brainchild of two brothers, one an entrepreneur and second a designer. The inspiration for “Luxuric” was just a leather wallet. One night, our masterminds were having a dialogue and soon the conversation was bent towards the example of the leather; the colors, grains and the adaptive nature of leather. This hit our geniuses with a revelation that even a simple leather product can accentuate the style through aesthetic evolution and utilitarian innovation - the colors, textures, grains, and the versatile untapped beauty that can be molded into a thousand art-pieces. These qualities of leather and its unique beauty provoked us to create masterpieces out of this sustainable and natural material to inspire the world with deluxe trinkets. We envisioned to ensure that everyone’s must-have is anything but basic. Coming in a range of luxurious textures and rich patterns - Leather is beautiful and precious in its very nature, and this inspired our CEO to carve out the name – Luxuric.


Every Color has a Story

Being at the center of the cosmopolitan metropolis of Dubai, a one-of-a-kind luxurious destination around the globe, The Luxuric Gifts came into being. Dubai is considered to be the ultimate luxurious city in the world and therefore keeping the promise of luxuries alive, The Luxuric Gifts paved its way into the digital world to provide grandeur and style through its articulated delicacies for your loved ones.  Luxuric focuses on the ‘Dynamic Duo - Trends and Luxuries’ hence providing you with colorful adornments for perfect occasions. It is hard to find perfect gifts for your precious relations that interpret your luxuriant feelings. Luxuric found its inspiration in celebrating these luxurious feelings that makes your relations richer. Luxuric Gifts advocate a new definition of luxury; beyond grandiose, beyond flamboyant, beyond exuberance, and beyond lush & lavish; unpretentious sentiments to elevate the relations.